Public Education

  • Ensure equity in funding our schools
  • Work to raise teacher pay
  • Support safety adjustments to keep our kids safe

Healthcare Expansion

  • Expand Medicaid - every Tennessean has a right to access quality affordable healthcare
  • Stop our rural hospitals from continuing to close
  • Work towards accepting all the federal funds our taxpayers have put in. *Right now we are declining $1 billion in return of our own money.

Sustainable Development

  • Create a statewide minimum wage
  • Having no state minimum wage and hiring at $7.25 per hour is unacceptable for hardworking families.
  • We must stop using our low wages as an incentive to bring big business to Tennessee. Hard working Tennesseans deserve better.

Small Business Support and Growth

  • We are far beyond the time to connect all Tennesseans with broadband internet. This is needed for supporting our small businesses and connecting our consumers.
  • More local resources and access will bring continued growth to our family businesses and build our communities together.

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